English evening with music

Magdalen is in Town. Remember Magdalen? My Pearl Jam-friend from Poland? She’s in town because of her studies, so we go out to watch the Pearl Jam-movie together. Since her German is not the best yet we speak English all the time.

Admittedly my Eglish has become really poor, whereas Magdalen’s (smart girl!) is admirable. She’d attended American School for eight years, so she learned American English instead of the snobby Oxford English we had to study. It’s still embarrassing, though …

After getting our tickets we go out again for a drink. A cold-night-girl-drink, which means: Hot chocolate for the Blondie and hot milk for me dark girl. With that combination, we should play Checkers she says.

Back in the Movie Theatre: Not too many people have gathered, but those who come are the truest fans. I hear them talking and some say: Yeah, and in this scene … Remember this one? — Oh, how I love the setlist! … I was in Pistoia myself! … TenClub … Gong! All of a sudden, the room is dark and the movie starts, but way too low! Someone manages to convince the master of film spools to turn up the volume — ah! From then on we were rocking and dancing in our seats, singing along and chatting about the faces we see.

Magdalen knows so many people, screaming out names: Carlos! Pablo! Sandra! Barbara! Did you see Mariet? Mariet! Oh, the Twins! And the Swedes! (sounds like Sweets for the girls from Sweden) I recognize only few of them, but I heard of most of those people, reading their threads in the Bugs-Forum daily. They’d all gone to Italy last year, it seems. Magdalen only did about twenty shows. Only!?

Watching those scenes makes me feel homesick, she says, homesick for the Pearl Jam-spirit, the music, the concerts, the people — all those people, y’know?

I only met about two dozen of them but I know too well what she means … The more concerts you’ve been to the more you want to see.

Hope you’re home now! This one’s for you.*

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  1. So I take it that lucky girl wasn’t Magdalen? My polish Pearl-Jam-Friend is Ola … :-) Cool how they connect people. And I sure can relate to the homesickness …

    Yellow leadbetter reminds me of this funny little video I love dearly:

    Hm, I don’t think they play that movie in cinemas round here …

    Kommentar von Tina am 26. September 2007 um 10:30 | Link

  2. Ok, that didn’t work, so here’s the link:

    Kommentar von Tina am 26. September 2007 um 10:31 | Link

  3. nope. the lucky girl’s name is ida.

    Kommentar von Julie Paradise am 26. September 2007 um 11:44 | Link

  4. yep, obviously, she’s swedish. that happened in denmark, i reckon.

    Kommentar von Tina am 26. September 2007 um 11:56 | Link

  5. herzzerreißend :)

    Kommentar von Vanessa am 26. September 2007 um 11:58 | Link

  6. I am back home :) and a bit sick after our night out, but not as sick as you you poor thing. it was truly a great experience being there w/ you:) I hit the post-tour blues but it’s better now. Sooo… let’s get ready for the next jamming :)!

    Kommentar von Magda am 27. September 2007 um 13:43 | Link

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